Exhibition Room 1, still life oil paintings by Kyung Hwa Kim
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600 paintings!

Personal Exhibitions in 2000

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Criticism by Japanese Art magazine : in May, 1999


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"A dream in a breeze,I", 3 F

"A dream in a breeze,II", 3 F

"A spring maiden, I", 10 M

"A spring maiden, II", 10 M

"In my tea cup, I" , 3 F

"In my tea cup, II" , 3 F

"Yearning and tea", 3 F

"Yearning, 3 F

"In happiness, I" , 6 F

"In happiness, II" , 6 F
private collection

"Sound of calling spring, I" , 6 F
private collection

"Sound of calling spring, II" , 6 F

"Facing each other, I" , 3 F

"Facing each other, II", 3 F

"Azalea tea" , 3 F

"To the other side of memory" , 3 F

"Receiving a letter from my sweetheart
3 F, private collection

"The fragrance of mango tea" , 10 F

"February, congratulation! , 3 F

"Beginning a day" , 4 F

"Man and woman" , 10 F

"When yearning is flowing", 10 F

"A fruitful life.." , 4 F

"Flowers perfume the room." , 3 F

"At Paris in that autumn" , 10 F

"When I was in a sea breeze" , 10 F

"A breeze by the window" , 3 F

"As time goes by, I" , 4 F

"As time goes by, II" , 4 F

"A love from Marseille", 4 F

"Green love" , 4 F

"Lighting a candle in mind..." , 6 F

"Love concealed by te bouquet" , 6 F

"Meeting my friend" , 6 F

"You and me..." , 6 F

"Memory, 10 F
Chimakiya Dept. store collection

"Faith, hope, and love" , 10 F

"Flowers' chorus" , 10 F

"Perfume in a breeze" , 10 F
Tokyu Honten collection

"Time of richness", 6 F

"Shall we make a promise?" , 6 F
private collection

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oil paintings,still lifes, gallery, flowers, oils, 새소식

A r t S o h o
600 paintings!
Kyung hwa Kim

200 paintings
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