Exhibition Room 1, still life oil paintings by Kyung Hwa Kim
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600 paintings!

International Art Fair

FIAC Paris ( France )

Famous for its many visitors, not for its sales' record.
Trying to make difference from other art fairs,
by introducing the form of solo show.
  • when : October every year
  • where : Paris, France
  • founded : 1974
Reed-OIP-11, rue du Colonel Pierre Avia BP 571-75726
Paris cedex 15 France
tel) 33-1-41-90-47-80 fax) 33-1-41-90-47-89
e-mail) fiac@reed-oip.fr
manager : Vonique Jaeger
exhibitor relations : Michaela Baron-Brill

Art BASEL ( Suisse )

One of the most successful art fairs held in Europe.
Include wide range of art, from contemporary art to modern.
  • when : June every year
  • where: Basel, Swiss
  • founded: 1969
Die Internationale Kunstmesse, 733-3701
Art Basel Schweizer Mustermesse AG in Basel, CH-4021, Basel, Swiss
tel) 41-61-686-20-20 fax) 41-61-686-26-86
e-mail) art@messebasel.ch
manager : Lorenzo A. Rudolf

Art Chicago ( USA )

Most successful art fair in USA
managed by the Thomas Blackman Associates Inc.
whose organizational power is strong.
  • when : May every year
  • where: Navy peer, Chicago, USA
  • founded: 1980, reformation 1993
Thomas Blackman Associates Inc.
230 West Huron Chicago IL 60610 USA
tel) 312-587-3300 fax) 312-587-3304
e-mail) info@artchicago.com
Director : Thomas P. Blackman
Contact : Kara Tiemann

Art Miami (USA)

Though it has a relatively short history, Miami is a resort city and has many luxurious villas for millionaire. Therefore, it records high on sale. It is unique to attracts many Latin American collectors.
  • when : January every year
  • where: Miami Convention Center, USA
  • founded: 1991
100 W. Monrose, Suit 1100, Chicago IL 60603 USA
Tel) 312-553-8924 Fax) 312-553-8926
director : Ilana Vardy
e-mail) ivardy@advanstar.com
e-mail) lwitherite@advanstar.comassistant Director : Lisa Witherite

The Armory Show (USA)

Famous for its dynamics Best art fair, which is held in New York.
  • when : February every year
  • where : Pier 94, New York, USA
  • founded : 1999
Pier 94
Twelfth Avenue at 55th Street
New York City
tel) 212.645.6440
fax) 212.645.0655
cantact : Katelijne De Backer, Director

Art Cologne (Germany )

Famous for its long history. One of the best art fair, which is held in Europe.
  • when : November every year
  • where : Rhineside Hal, Cologne, Germany
  • founded : 1967
K?nMesse GmbH
Postfach 21 07 60, D-50532 Kn Germany
tel) 221-821-2245, 2396
fax) 221-821-3734
cantact : Birgitt Schnitzius, Heinz Schnock

San Francisco International Art Exposition (USA)

Thomas Blackman Associates.Inc., who established Chicago art fair,
targets the art market of the western USA.
It is famous for its fast growing art fair, due to the sillicon millionaire.
  • when : Septemberevery year
  • where : Port Maison, San Francisco
  • founded : 1998
Thomas Blackman Associates.Inc.
230 West Huron Chicago IL 60610 USA
tel) 312-587-3300fax) 312-587-3304
e-mail) info@sfiae.com
director : Thomas A. Hart
contact : Kara Tiemann

Art Basel Miami (USA)

Newly founded art fair by the organization of Art Basel,
targets the American art market.
It will compete with Art Miami based on its strong organizational power and know-how.
Due to the New-York terror, from the first exhibition this year, Art Basel Miami Beach postponed to December 5-8, 2002.
  • when : December every year
  • where: Miami Convention Center, USA
  • founded : 2002
contact : Samuel Keller(Director), Marc B?tig(show manager)

Art Santa Fe ( USA )

  • where : Sweeney Convention Center, 201 W. Marcy, Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • when : July every year
200 W. Marcy Street, Suite 101
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501
Telephone: (505) 988-8883 Fax: (505) 989-9898
e-mail : info@artsantafe.net

Art Arco Madrid ( Spain )

Arte Fiera Bologna ( Italy )

Viale della Fiera, 20
40128 Bologna
Tel.: +39 051 282111 - Fax: +39 051 282333
Email: artefiera@bolognafiere.it

Palm Springs Art Fair ( USA )

  • when : March every year
  • where : USA
director : Evelyn Pener
18621 Paseo Nuevo, Tarzana, CA 91356 USA
tel) 818-343-6944 fax) 818-343-4794
e-mail) Evelynant@AOL.com

Australian Contemporary Art Fair ACAF Melbourne ( Australia )

Art fair in Melbourne, which is the center of Australian cultural activities,
is unique in allocating free booth.
P O Box 1251 North Fitzroy, Melbourne Australia 3068
  • when : October every other year
  • where : Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne, Australia
141 St Georges Road North Fitzroy Melbourne Australia
tel) 61-3-9482-5400 fax) 61-3-9482-2611
e-mail) artfair@artfair.com.au
Director : Browyn Johnson

Art Frankfurt( Germany )

EUROP'ART Geneve ( Suisse )

Art Expo / New York , Los Angeles ( USA )

Kunst Zürich( Suisse )

Venice Biennale ( Italy )

Kwangju Biennale International KwangJu ( Korea )

XXIV Bienal de Sao Paulo (1998)

Art Palmbeach

3724 SE Ocean Blvd. Suite 201, Sewall's Point FL 34996 USA
tel) 561-220-2690 fax) 561-220-3180

Art Brussels

Ki Expo sa
Rue de la Caserne 86, B-1000 Bruxelles
tel) 32-2-501-27-11fax) 32-2-514-10-85
managing director : Eric Everard
contact : Karen Renders
  • when : April every year
  • where :

NICAF (Japan)

International Biennale Tokyo art fair in Japan
NICAF Executive Office
c/o Effetto Holding Inc.
Kokusai Chusei Kaikan 8F, 14-11 Gobancho Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo 102-0076 Japan
tel) 81-3-5212-1925 fax) 81-3-5212-1926
  • when : every other March(or November)
  • where : Tokyu International Forum
  • founded : 1989

Internationale Triennale fur Originalgraphik Grenchen ( Suisse )


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Famous art fair in the World: FIAC,BASEL,CHICAGO,fiac,basel,chicago,

famous art fair in the world, Fiac,Basel,Chicago,fiac,basel,chicago,

Arco, Madrid ,ArtCologne, Köln,Germany,Arte Fiera, Bologna ,Venice Biennale, Ital, New York,Kwangju Biennale International, KwangJu, Korea

Famous art fair in the World: FIAC,BASEL,CHICAGO,fiac,basel,chicago,

famous art fair in the world, Fiac,Basel,Chicago,fiac,basel,chicago,

Arco, Madrid ,ArtCologne, Köln,Germany,Arte Fiera, Bologna ,Venice Biennale, Ital, New York,Kwangju Biennale International, KwangJu, Korea

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Kyung hwa Kim

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