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Jade-colored Celadon wares / Folk Paintings / Still life by Shin-sa-im-dang
Porcelain jar / wall paintings in Goguryo tomb Still life by Shim-sa-Jung / Jokakpo
painting by Hongdo Kim / painting by Yun-bok Shin / painting by Gye-woo Nam / Nice Link to National Treasure of Korea

Kim, Kyung Hwa

"Sky blue chair"
painted in 1998
oil on canvas
73 x 73 cm
"Being invited"
painted in 1966
oil on canvas
91 x 60 cm

Joong-sup Lee

oil on canvas
oil on canvas

Park, SooKeun

'girls collecting sprout'

'Tree and girls'

Kim, Kichang

"Mountain Village"
Korean watercolors on silk
53 x 48.5㎝
painted by in 1970

"Korean royal tune"
Korean watercolors on silk
painted by in 1993

Kwon, Young Ho

oil on canvas
259.1x 193.9
oil on canvas
72.7 x 60.1

Kim, Hwan-Ki

"Moon and Cloud"
oil on canvas
oil on canvas

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